Smartwatches are clearly becoming a staple of new age parenting. The market for kid’s wearables has grown consistently at a CAGR of 14.6% since 2020—this demonstrates the growing popularity of smartwatches among parents and caregivers.
While advanced features like geofencing and health monitoring have contributed to this preferential shift, video calling is an excellent feature for caregivers, too.
Hi-tech video calling capabilities make a compelling case for smartwatches for many families.

Benefits of Smartwatch Video Calling

Video calling is one of the best ways to connect with children at any given time. A smartwatch is a great device to do that because it provides the following:

Complete Parental Control

Smartwatches provide the ideal environment for video calling. These devices have built-in parental control, so parents can add a list of verified contacts that the child can video call.
It is important for parents and caregivers to decide who their children can speak to. Restricted calling and contact management create a closed ecosystem that makes smartwatch video calling safe and secure.

Call Anytime, Anywhere

Parents/caregivers and children can get in touch with each other at any time or any place as long as the Smartwatch is turned on. As an example a child can place an emergency voice or video call to their parents when they are caught in an elevator, during a school trip or at the summer camp, or simply video call mom and ask their way home when they are lost.

Easy To Use

Smartwatches built with kids in mind are very lightweight and easy to use. Since the device is strapped to their wrist, the chances of kids losing or misplacing their smartwatch are minimal.

Smartwatch Video Calls in New Age Parenting

With Smartcom, the combination of FiLIP™’s real-time location tools and SmartVU full voice and video PaaS solution allows parents/caregivers to communicate with their children through two-way video calling. Parents can also use voice-command solutions (such as Alexa) to place a call from SmartVU to their child’s smartwatch anytime they feel the need to do so.

Smartcom’s safe and secure solution ensures smart parenting, even under challenging conditions.