With over 1.3 Billion cyclists worldwide,  a thriving bike riders’ community use their bike for daily transportation, leisure, or sport. However, riding a bike on busy streets can be dangerous, especially at night. Riders must be adequately equipped for each trip.

So, how can you ensure your cycling trips are safe?
Enter smart lights. 

Smart Bike Lights has developed a series of front and tail lights powered by innovations in smart lights technology that can revolutionize cycling for city bikers.

Smart Bike Lights: Unlocking Smarter, Safer Experience for Bikers

Smart lights provide bike riders with a plethora of benefits, including personalized lighting options, seamless connectivity, theft deterrents, enhanced battery efficiency, geolocation, and an array of remarkable features.

Seamless connectivity

IoT-enabled smart lights connectivity is a no-brainer. It easily connects to other devices or systems, such as smartphones or Smartwatches.

By pairing smart lights with smartphones, users get various important insights of their ride displayed directly on the smartphone screen, including, but not limited to, battery status updates, relevant ride statistics, and even turn-by-turn navigation guidance, etc.  

Customizable lighting modes

One way in which smart lights for bicycles improve safety is through their advanced customization. These lights are equipped with bright LED lights that provide enhanced visibility, especially during darker conditions or at night. Riders may have the option to choose from customizable lighting patterns, such as a steady mode when biking in urban areas, a flashing mode in high-traffic zones, or a pulsating mode during off-road or mountain cycling adventures. Using the built-in accelerometer, the Smart Bike Light will turn the brake light ON when the brake is applied by the rider. This not only helps cyclists be more visible to others on the road but also makes it easier for motorists and pedestrians to spot them.

Theft prevention

Intelligent lighting systems can also provide security functionalities to prevent theft.In addition to Geofence violations, in case of any unauthorized manipulation or tempering, the built-in IMU’s (Gyro and Accelerometers) will trigger the device by setting off an alarm, as well as sending alert notifications to your Smartphone. These precautionary measures not only offer assurance but also serve as a deterrent against bike theft. These precautionary measures not only offer assurance but also serve as a deterrent against bike theft.

Battery Efficiency

IoT intelligent lights frequently come with power-saving features, like low-power, or strobe modes or automatic shutdown when not in operation. Moreover, several smart lights provide the ability to monitor battery levels through connected devices  by means of getting a notification on their Smartphones or Smartwatches, enabling riders to check their charge status before embarking on a ride and avoiding unanticipated loss of power.

Smartcom and Smart Lights

Smartcom is a leading enabler and Platform provider of IoT solutions, specializing in cutting-edge Smart Tracking devices, such as the Smart Bike Light/Trackers, Smart Wearables, and other variety of IoT Solutions for the family. With Smartcom’s innovative IoT smart lights, cyclists can enhance their riding experience and contribute to a safer and more enjoyable journey.