The PROs and CONs of Parental Control Apps

In today’s digital age, parents are increasingly concerned about their children’s online safety until they become much older and independent. As technology becomes an integral part of our children’s lives, the need for tools that assist parents in managing and monitoring their online activities on these devices, particularly on Smartphones or Tablets, has never been more crucial. The challenge arises from the ingenuity of tech-savvy kids who can often find clever ways to bypass or delete Parental Control Apps designed for their safety, gaining access to potentially harmful content.

Parental control protections can either be fully pre-installed into a device’s launcher at factory level, or apps purchased and installed later on pre-owned devices. Both types allow parents and guardians to track and control a child’s online activity and offer all the features typical of a Parental Control App. They are geolocation-enabled, generate activity reports, and have filter options that allow parents to block certain websites or keywords or overall internet connectivity. However, there are certain drawbacks associated with both.

What are the PROs and CONs of These Two Options?

Unassailable Security

Apps integrated into the device launcher create an impenetrable fortress against the ingenuity of tech-savvy kids ensuring optimal functionality without requiring additional installations. These apps are immune to the common tactics of bypassing or deleting, ensuring a robust and unwavering defence. This integration enhances user experience and eliminates the need for parents to navigate the complexities of app installations.
Whereas, despite the fact that most commercially available Parental Control Apps equally provide great security and peace of mind to parents, they will be ineffectual when bypassed or deleted by the child.

Automated Updates

Contrary to misconceptions, even pre-installed apps within the launcher can receive updates over the air. Users and parents receive notifications about new versions, ensuring these apps stay current with the latest features and security measures, similar to installed apps.
Therefore, the permanence of these embedded solutions guarantees ongoing effectiveness. Parents can rest assured that the parental control features remain impervious to the evolving tactics of tech-savvy children, providing continuous protection.

Business Model

Most Parental Control Apps installed on pre-owned Smartphones or tablets are free to download, however, depending on basic or premium features, in addition to the monthly cellular service fees, a monthly fee of anywhere between $5 – $15 is required for the App. On the other hand, pre-installed solution costs are usually integrated into the retail price of the device offered by brands or MNOs and do not require any monthly fee for the app except for the cellular service.

Smartcom’s Perspective

In the landscape of Parental Control Apps, Smartcom recognizes the inherent challenges of post-installed apps on existing (or BYOD) Smartphones or Tablets, particularly the vulnerability of being bypassed or deleted. Having said that, post-installed parental-controlled apps are not only compatible with Android devices, but also with iOS devices in case parents are ok to provide iPhones to their kids. Due to the restrictive environment of Apple, however, it is not possible yet to have such apps pre-installed on iOS devices.

Smartcom’s factory-pre-installed apps offer a unique solution that combines impenetrable security with the benefits that parents seek in parental control features. This strategic move not only enhances security but also maintains the seamless integration and automated update mechanisms that users expect from Parental Control Apps. They provide a swift means of communication without exposing users to the risks and addictive features associated with a complete smartphone experience, such as pornography, gambling, and bullying.

In conclusion, the PROs and CONs of Parental Control Apps extend beyond the surface-level features. The distinction between purchased and installed apps versus factory pre-installed apps is pivotal in determining the efficacy of these solutions. Smartcom’s innovative approach, rooted in a deep understanding of the challenges, provides a robust and effective solution, ensuring that parents can navigate the digital safety landscape with confidence.