Smart Locate & Connected Devices Platform

Internet of Things

Offering the most comprehensive solution to connect and manage securely IoT devices and services. We accelerate your time-to-market of IoT/M2M products with a proven and secure device-to-cloud solutions.

Enables location and communication with connected devices

Generation of alerts for app or integrated to third party systems

Smart Locate

Share your location with your family, friends, caregivers or colleagues, so they can have peace of mind knowing where you are. Create groups, invite friends and family members to join your group. For Connected and location enabled devices in outdoor scenarios:

Locate another Smartphone, child's connected watch/bracelet, connected car or pets

Can integrate with variety of third party location enabled and connected devices

alerts triggered on location, time of day or other user defined parameters

Communicate with and configure device settings

Use cases

  • Family Locator solutions using smartphones

  • Child, and elderly tracking solutions for caregivers

  • Connected cars

  • Connected devices (indoor or outdoor)