Reporting, Diagnostics, Advertising

Compiled user statistics

Auto diagnostic, repair and help desk support tool

Push notification/ads to users

Reporting Tool

Smartcom reporting tool is a client-server solution that enables operators to view reports on the utilization of the application by their users. Operator Administrators can access a remote server providing real time reports on a daily basis showing trends of how the users utilize the application. Some pre-configured reports include information such as the following:

  • Number of Data connections over Mobile or Wifi

  • Average length of connections

  • Average data for a connection

  • Number of times an advertisement was clicked

  • Number of SMS usage

  • Number of Wifi Hotstpot offloads

  • Usage of the Wifi hotstpot finder

  • Most typical errors encountered by users

  • OS version, FW, application versions, upgrades made etc…

  • Many other customizable reports can also be generated at the request of the operator

All of the Smartcom solutions can provide operators with the ability to view reports on how user's use the applications, provide diagnostic capabilities and tools for users to reduce support calls or speed up support resolutions, and pushing advertisements to the application.

Diagnostic Tool

The diagnostic tool provided with Smartcom solutions includes the following functionality:

Suggested possible causes and remedies for errors

Running automatic diagnostic checks and repairs

Generating automatic error reports and logs to be used by Customer support for further debugging

Advertising Tool

The Smartcom advertising platform, enables Operator administrators to push ads to their users by logging into an easy to use Advertising Administrative site.

Operators can:

Post new ads (text, images or both)

Define the duration / period of validity of the ad

Define the priority of such ads