Mobile Hotspot Manager

Easily create & manage a Mobile hotspot for any Connected/Wi-Fi enabled device (tablets, Smartphones, Hotspot devices, Wi-Fi enabled OBDII, etc.)

Track/block connected user's usage, and much more…

Personal Mobile Hotspot App

An intelligent client/app that enables users turn their existing 3G/4G modems into a mobile hotspot when connected to a laptop.

It simply uses the laptop's Wi-Fi and creates a hotspot to share the USB modem's 3G/4G connection with up to 10 devices.

This feature could be part of Smartcom's Epsilon Connection Manager for any USB modem, or as a separate app to work with any existing 3rd party Connection Manager.

Personal Mobile Hotspot Manager for Android Tablets and Smartphones

Smartcom's Mobile Hotspot Manager allows users to manage how they share their Mobile connection with other devices or people.

The main features supported by solution are:

  • Universal Hotspot Manager Companion App (Client) for Smartphones/Tablets/PC (any OS)

  • Manages any MHS device, USB Modems (Converts any USB modem into MHS device), Car 3G/4G/LTE+Wi-Fi hotspot device, etc.

  • No need to launch device OEM’s own web UI – One Client manages all OEM devices

  • Manages all connected devices – Set Thresholds - block/unblock users - Set Data Usage Alerts

  • Notifications are sent to Smartphone/Tablet/PC (battery level, connections, Data plan, etc.)

  • Secure connection with User name and Password protection

  • Simplifies user connection and authentication experience – Manages also prepaid plan activations and prepay plan top ups

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