Mobile Data Tracker, Plan Upgrade & Top Up

Real time data usage tracking and integration with operator back-end / Enable plan top-ups and upgrades / On device policy management

Managing and tracking your plan is one of the most important functionalities requested by subscribers. Knowing how much data you have left, how much overage you have used, viewing your account status, purchasing a roaming pass and managing your invoices are all critical functions to any subscriber.

We offer an extensive solution for Subscriber Plan Tracking and Management, as well as Plan purchases and Top up's.

Our solutions are available across a multitude of platforms, PC Windows and MAC OS, Android, Windows 8 Metro, and Windows 8 phone as well as Blackberry and iOS.

We integrate our solutions with the operator backend systems to include both on device tracking information as well as Operator synchronized data.

Through Operator API's or SMS or USSD integration our plan trackers allow users to not only manage their own plans but also to view data on shared users and plans.

In addition our solutions enable the purchase of new plans or top ups via web API's, or SMS or other methods provided by the operator.


Data, Voice, SMS/MMS tracking

Domestic and International Plans

Postpaid and pre-paid plans

User defined or operator defined usage threshold notifications

Plan expiration or nearing end/overage detection

In app purchase experience for new plans and top ups

In addition to the above Tracker functionality, Smartcom offers an on device Policy and Entitlement management Solution. The solution consists of a client server architecture that enables operators to push certain plan policies to the device and enforce these policies at the device level. This can include for example blocking usage of Mobile hotspot functionality or controlling use of data intensive applications over the Mobile network.