More about us!

What we do

Smartcom is an innovative designer and developer of wireless communications software for all major Mobile and PC Platforms – Windows, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android, Mac OS and iOS. Our core solutions are supported across all OS platforms and include:

  • WIFI – 3G Offloading Solution: Intelligent Wifi-Offloading solutions, including operator customizable and server controlled conditional off-loading, automatic authentication, Wifi hotspot finder

  • Mobile Data Tracker, and Plan Upgrade / Top Ups: Real time data usage tracker for subscribers integrated with operator back end, and enabling the in app plan purchases for upgrades or top ups

  • Mobile Hotspot Manager: Enables users to easily share their Mobile connection via WIFI. Create & manage Mobile Hotspots, for USB dongles, Smartphones and tablets. Notifies users of connected devices, tracks usage of users, blocks users and enables operators to perform entitlement checks for this service

  • Reporting, Diagnostics and Advertising Solutions: Reporting Server solution, enables operators to compile user statistics, (usage, errors, number of purchases etc...). Diagnostic tool, for each platform offers diagnostic and repair capabilities for help desk support. Advertising Server, can enable operator to push notifications & Advertisements to any device

  • Smart Locate & Connected Devices Platform: Offering the most comprehensive solution to connect and manage securely IoT devices and services. We accelerate your time-to-market of IoT/M2M products with a proven and secure device-to-cloud solutions.

Who we are

Smartcom was created in 2001 in Sophia Antipolis, France. Currently, it holds a strong presence in EMEA, APAC, and the Americas with over 130 group employees, is financially stable and backed by strong investors. We design and develop innovative Wireless Applications, Management servers, Web UI, Software suites and Connection Manager solutions.

Smartcom's knowledge and technology extends across all platforms, supporting Windows, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android, Mac, and iOS, as well as emerging Operating Systems.

Our Solutions

Currently over 30 Million consumers use Smartcom's technologies. Smartcom solutions are deployed with large international Operators and OEMs. In addition we have developed strong partnerships with major mobile OS platform providers.

— Always innovative —


Since 2001 Smartcom has provided Wireless Communication solutions to many Modem manufacturers, Mobile operators, PC laptop manufacturers as well as Tablet OEMs.

We have obtained several awards and certifications, such as :

  • Award of an Innovative Company(CCI)

  • One of 10 most innovative French companies

  • International Entrepreneur Prize (Ernst & Young)

For further references on our customers (Operators, OEMs, ODMs...), please contact us.